Smart lock


With the popularization of smart homes, smart door locks are no longer a novelty, but have become a standard feature in many households. Because its safety far exceeds traditional door locks, it has become one of the preferred smart home products for many households. Betray embedded fingerprint recognition chips are widely praised in the industry, and have collaborated with brands such as Xiaomi, Cadiz, Hikvision, Sakura Lock, and Deshman.

Xiaomi&betterlife Hand in Hand

Since the first cooperation in 2018, it has been more than three years since we jointly developed a number of Smart lock products, among which Mijia Lock (the first generation) sold more than one million in March 2021.

     The core of Mijia intelligent door lock adopts an integrated fingerprint recognition design, and its fingerprint recognition module is exclusively provided by betterlife with BF82192C_ The application solution consists of an embedded fingerprint chip and an active integrated driver chip, without the need for a metal ring. Some existing products on the market rely on metal ring external contact control ICs for wake-up, which may lead to ineffective wake-up due to static electricity and other reasons. On the other hand, Bertrand's design is more fashionable and concise, with a higher recognition rate.

      At the same time, financial level PB live recognition algorithms and fake fingerprint databases can effectively prevent fake fingerprint unlocking, making them more secure and sensitive. They are widely used in financial industries such as insurance and banking, and are trustworthy. The Beitelai fingerprint module scheme also specially customized the oval groove fingerprint identification area according to the ergonomic design, which has more fingerprint identification points than the traditional fingerprint lock and can collect more fingerprint information, and exclusively uses the sapphire fingerprint identification area cover plate. The Mohs scale is up to 9, second only to diamonds, which can effectively avoid the decline of the identification rate caused by the wear of the fingerprint identification module, It is also extremely friendly to elderly and young users with low fingerprint recognition rates. Therefore, the fingerprint recognition rate of Mijia Lock is as high as 98.7%, while the industry lock recognition rate is generally only 92%


According to online data from RUNTO, Xiaomi Intelligent Door Locks, with its advantages such as high cost-effectiveness, comprehensive channels, and rich ecological chain linkage, have firmly ranked first in the online market, with a sales share of 25.6% in the third quarter. You should know that there are at least a thousand fingerprint lock companies, but although the number of fingerprint lock companies is increasing, there are still very few companies that can truly become national brands. I hope that in the future, Beitelai can join hands with Xiaomi and create new achievements!

The Betray embedded fingerprint module solution has been widely used in intelligent door lock application scenarios with excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness; Beitelai's professional embedded fingerprint application team can provide comprehensive tracking technical support for door locks from module design to mass production for brand terminals and module factory customers. The company adheres to the development strategy of "market-oriented and customer-centric", and through strict control of product quality and adherence to the spirit of contracts, it has gained unanimous recognition from customers in the industry with high quality standards, high professional standards, and integrity.