betterlife is the first in China to launch a touch chip solution that reuses capacitive touch pads and handwriting pads; At the same time, it is also the first company in the domestic chip category to have a PTP precise touchpad solution. Not only has it developed capacitive touch chips with independent intellectual property rights and high cost-effectiveness, but it can also customize complete capacitive touch ICs and technical solutions for customers, covering applications of touch screen products ranging from 1.4 inches to 10.1 inches. It can be perfectly applied in other fields such as smart wearable and smart home, bringing users a smooth touch interaction experience with its excellent technology.

Touch chip

  • Self contained chip
  • Mutual capacitance chip
  • Self integrated chip
Self contained chip

Self contained chip

The self capacitance chip adopts self capacitance technology and supports single-layer ITO. It is specially designed for not requiring Multi-touch, but it can provide two options, namely, zoning two points and single point plus gesture, and can provide proximity sensing, which effectively reduces the cost of the scheme.


Supports single point and gesture support, with a maximum of 2 points (zone 2 points)

Support for touch buttons, up to 42 channels

Ultra low standby power consumption, up to 5uA minimum, and support touch wake-up

Support for proximity function (proximity sensing

Single power supply

Less peripheral devices

Environment real-time Autocorrection function

Unique anti noise technology effectively suppresses various types of noise such as RF, power supply, and LCD

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